The ferry "King Cruiser" is a fascinating place for underwater diving, located at a depth of 18 to 32 meters at the underwater rock Anemone Reef, which caused the flooding of the ferry. On May 4, 1997, the ferry encountered a rock on its way and got a big hole. The ship quickly began to fill with water and went to the bottom. Surprisingly, fortunately, all passengers and crew members managed to escape!

Diving on the King Cruiser dive site

Information and recommendations for those who want to explore this popular diving spot:

Due to the variety of depths and possible currents in this place, it is recommended that divers have at least an average level of training. Diving in such a place should be accompanied by a dive master to ensure safety.

Level of training

"King Cruiser" provides a unique opportunity to explore the decks of the ship and even take pictures on the bridge. You can see how marine life has adapted to the submerged ship, which creates spectacular underwater views.

Research under water

Dimensions of the ferry

"King Cruiser" has an impressive size of 85 meters in length and 25 meters in width. This vast ship has 3 decks, which provides a large space for exploration.
Always follow all the instructions and recommendations of your dive master. Undercurrents can be volatile, so follow safe practices and use suitable equipment.



The ship was capable of accommodating up to 600 passengers. This means that under the water you will meet a variety of forms of marine life that inhabited this ship after its sinking.

Exploring the King Cruiser ferry underwater is an exciting and unforgettable adventure for experienced divers

It provides an opportunity to dive into a unique underwater world and explore the fruits of human civilization, absorbed by the sea abyss.
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