Racha Yai Island, located 28 km south of Phuket, is an inhabited island with beautiful beaches, hotels, cafes and restaurants. There are also excellent opportunities for diving and snorkeling thanks to the clear water, coral reefs and diverse marine fauna.

Diving on the Racha Yai dive site

Racha Yai offers a variety of dive sites with different depths and routes suitable for divers of all levels of training:

On the east coast, the island offers a unique underwater journey to coral reefs at shallow depths accessible to novice divers, artificial reefs made of concrete cubes, a specially submerged Haruby Star dive boat and the ruins of another ship already available to trained divers. The place is rich in diverse marine life, including moray eels, scorpion fish and barracudas. This is an ideal place for underwater photography on a sunken ship and observing marine life.

Ao La Bay

It offers a variety of underwater diving: in the north of the bay there is a stepped coral wall with barracudas, tuna, large moray eels and many other species of marine fauna; in the south there is an artificial reef made of concrete cubes with lionfish, stingrays, octopuses and often cuttlefish. The southern side of the island is suitable for technical diving with a depth of up to 50 meters.

The bay of Ao Konkare

Ao Patok Bay

It offers a variety of underwater adventures with routes and depths from the beach to 40 meters. You can see coral walls, reefs, barracudas, manta rays, stingrays and other forms of marine life. Suitable for trial and training dives, as well as for professional divers.

Siam Bay

This underwater museum with reefs in the form of elephants and warriors is great for photos and vivid impressions. It has a wonderful world under water, good visibility, diverse terrain and underwater adventures.

Exploring the King Cruiser ferry underwater is an exciting and unforgettable adventure for experienced divers

Good luck while exploring the underwater world of Racha Yai Island!
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