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The National Dive League is a full member of the European Underwater Federation (EUF)
Compliance of NDL programs with the high international standards ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and EN (European Norm) ensures that your diver qualification will be recognized worldwide. ISO and EN develop and approve generally accepted standards in various fields, including education and certification in the field of underwater sports and diving.
As a full member of the European Underwater Federation (EUF), NDL has privileges and established standards that comply with EUF requirements. This means that the programs offered by the National Dive League comply with EUF recommendations and regulations. Being recognized as a member of the EUF is important for maintaining high quality training and safety in the field of diving.

Having received an international diver certificate from the National Dive League, you will be able to apply your skills and knowledge in any part of the world without any problems. Being a recognized organization with compliance with international standards, the National Dive League promotes the establishment of the same requirements and norms in the field of diving, ensuring safety and quality for divers around the world.


The system of availability of electronic textbooks on the NDL website provides many advantages for learning
Free and free access to textbooks will allow you to familiarize yourself with the necessary materials without any delay. Translation of educational materials into many languages ensures their accessibility for students from all over the world.
The literate literary style in which textbooks are written makes their reading not only useful from the point of view of the topic being studied, but also interesting from a literary point of view. The absence of redundant information ensures that students focus on key concepts and tasks, which saves them time and increases the effectiveness of learning.

It is important to note that textbooks include not only the theoretical part, but also practical components containing step-by-step instructions and exercises. This provides a deeper understanding of the topic being studied and allows students to successfully master practical skills.
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