This is an amazing place for underwater diving with rich marine life and interesting underwater formations. Here are some features of this place

Diving on the koh dok Mai dive site

Information and recommendations for those who want to explore this popular diving spot:

Underwater dives on the east side of the island run along a sheer wall, providing stunning views and the opportunity to meet a variety of marine species. On the western side of the island you will find a reef gently descending to the bottom with a lot of soft and hard corals and marine life.

Underwater walls and reefs

The waters of Koh Dok Mai are rich in various types of marine life, such as moray eels, nudibranchs, seahorses, turtles, leopard sharks and much more. This place attracts divers with its diversity and beauty of underwater fauna.

Marine life

Geography of the island

Koh Dok Mai Island is a small tropical island rising 30 meters above the sea and plunging 30-40 meters deep. This creates diverse marine ecosystems and places to explore.

Underwater caves

The island is also famous for its underwater caves. One of them is located at a depth of 18 meters and goes 10 meters deep into the rock, and the second is at a depth of about 23 meters. Visiting these caves is possible only by experienced divers or as part of training under the supervision of experienced dive masters.

Koh Dok Mai Island offers incredible opportunities for underwater diving and exploring the richness of marine life and underwater forms.

Do not forget to follow the safety rules and enjoy the amazing world under water.
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